The Barney Family Foundation

We believe in living by the Golden Rule, “to do unto others as you would have done unto you”. Following this principle, we wish to share the blessings which have been bestowed upon us by supporting those who are making a difference in peoples’ lives.

Sapere aude!

Stephen and Lynne Barney

frequently asked questions

Barney Family FoundationWhat is the typical grant size?
Our grants and grant recommendations generally range from $5,000 - $50,000 for a one year period. Occasionally, the Foundation's officers may authorize smaller grants.

Beyond your basic requirements, what do you look for in a proposal?
The Barney Family Foundation's primary focus is in the educational field, particularly children in grades K-8. The Barney Family Foundation places significant emphasis on giving children the opportunity for a better education. We want to be convinced that a project we fund will lead, over time, to significant improvement in children's life experiences and as such, favor proposals that describe a plausible and practical chain of events leading to tangible results for children. From organizations that work directly with children and families, to teachers and other frontline workers, we look for fairly simple, original ideas embedded with a strong plan for their implementation. We expect strategic impact from organizations engaged in research, policy analysis, advocacy, or other work that does not touch children directly.

Our proposal meets your objectives, but we are looking for a grant larger than that which you would normally fund. Should we contact you?
Yes, please. We will attempt to partner, when possible, with other funders in order to consider larger proposals. Even when we can't make a contribution, we like to stay abreast of key work in the field. We may be able to support a piece of the project or provide funds for a planning or pilot stage.

My family needs support. Can you help us?
The Foundation does not make gifts to individuals or individual families. We suggest you seek help through your local childcare center, school, or family support program. Alternately you may wish to contact your local community foundation or United Way for lists of agencies that may be able to help.

Our center has developed an innovative program that we would like to expand. Should we look to you for funding? If not, what would you recommend?
We would love to hear about your program, although we don't generally fund local direct service projects. A local bank or corporation that markets to families, a family foundation or health foundation that focuses on your geographic area, or a community foundation would be a more likely funder. The Council on Foundations' website provides links to community foundations and to Regional Associations of Grantmakers, who can give you lists of local funders.

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